Premium Capital Wealth

Creating financial freedom, one millionaire at a time.
Our Story

Financial Freedom

As the founders of Premium Capital Wealth we’ve had the dream of financial freedom from a young age and
created the company whilst still in high school completing our final year in 2018. We had taken a good look around and noticed the level insecurity of the other students for what the future holds for them as employment becomes harder to find. The problem was then identified and a solution was in need to solve Financial Freedom.

Why Premium Capital Wealth?

What makes us stand out from the rest is our upstanding mentorship team.

We have active mentors constantly interacting with the students to insure progress. In order to help as many people as we possibly can. We have created diverse and affordable forex
courses packed with incredible content!

You will get beyond your money’s worth as you will get 24/7 access to the student portal with our education videos, to live and recorded webinars and will be able to contact our mentors at any time for quality assistance.


Daily market analysis and position biases.


Detailed forex courses tailored for all budgets.


Lifetime mentorship for all students.


What People Say
About Us

I joined the PCW family last year, but have been in Tristan’s signal group for years. Couldn’t ask for a better mentor who will give you all the tools of the trade with no hidden agenda, he genuinely wants us all to win, that’s what makes PCW great.
Ziyaad Shaik
PCW has taught me and is still teaching me how to become financially free and I’m grateful for that. PCW is more than just a company, it’s a family.
Ronreaco Bibby
I’ve only been a PCW member for a month and I still have a lot to learn but it has been the best and most educational month of my life! I’ve gone through one too many bad “mentors” that finding PCW was a real SHOCK to my system.
Ticha Katangana
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