I started off on my own , teaching myself a few things here and there from what I’ve seen other professional traders do at that time and just bundled it up and unknowingly made my own strategy. From there I decided that I want to build up a brand and help people by mentoring them and teaching them the things I know in order for them to become independent traders. After I finished high school I took it more seriously, I started digging deeper into the markets figuring out the ins and outs , gathering information I learnt from other traders , taking their advice and just going on my own! So trust me I know how hard it is, let me help you avoid all the mistakes and reach financial freedom.

Tristan Luke Sims
Tristan made it clear from the beginning that this journey is not easy, but he definitely made it more easier for me personally to understand these markets, I thought it was rocket science at first but pcw changed it all for me.
Chadley Barrow
My experience with PCW so far have been nothing but knowledge. I started november 2020 with them and from then to now, I must say I have learned a lot. Personally a great thanks to Tristan and his team for helping us and also my fellow student.
Jovante Malan
The Premium Capital Wealth team is very helpful, they respond immediately to any question asked or if you are in need of help and I personally feel that PCW is the way to go. It’s a big blessing in my eyes to be a client of the Premium Capital Wealth forex institute.
Vishaylin Parshotam
From the word go I was greeted with nothing less than professional help and guidance. I am looking forward to expanding my skills even further by taking the more advanced courses PCW has to offer and look forward to my time under their mentorship!
Jason Havenga
Being apart of PCW has been one of the best decisions I've taken in my life. The mentors are very helpful and thorough with their work, they explain the work in detail and are very patient.
Monwabisi Magodla
PCW has completely changed my life. This course has given me a good set of skills to apply in the forex industry to eradicate poverty and contributes to my financial freedom. The support I get from the mentorship is really massive . There is no way you can not make it in the industry if you have PCW in you corner. Literally the best in the game.
Cirvin Johannes
Since being in this family believing in forex has been easier for me, I have lost several times in forex trading but since I met Tristan and his crew i feel like my millions are waiting for me. PCW is where I belong.
Asumani Kajimbere
My experience with PCW in the past year has been phenomenal. They have helped me understand deeper concepts to trading and have build a trading family.
Emmanuel Maphosa
I have been a PCW student for a short while now but I see more than just a mentor teaching students. It’s a brotherhood of breaking financial freedom I’m just happy to be apart of it as it’s about to take off.
Sive Nyumbeka
I’ve learnt a lot on my own I’ve been scammed I’ve blown accounts asked people to trade for me and used software but I won’t lie one thing is for sure, PCW truly made a difference bro just by teaching me the beginners course have told how easy i can make R1000 in a few days.
Simthembile Magadla
I joined PWC and I have had the best experience so far and I am still learning and getting back in the game again and the difference now is that I have a great Mentor by my side and the knowledge is even greater, I appreciate all the help and soon I will be a profitable trader with PCW!
Tumi Nguzo
The PCW course's covers a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure is clear, logical and effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits come from doing daily sessions, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Tristan, Tony and other students.
Sarisha Singh